Tuesday, 1 November 2016

18 (well OK...19) months

You know what sucks about not blogging for a really long time?  You end up with this gigantic list of things you have to blog about, which makes the concept of actually sitting down to write said blog post way more intimidating than it would have been if you'd just been blogging in bits and pieces all along.

Let's just make this easier on everyone.  Bullet points!!

  • Q turned 18 months at the beginning of October.  I've been pretty excited about the 18 month milestone because everything I read told me that it would be around this age that we could finally expect a "language explosion" and he'd finally get more verbal.  Boy howdy, has he!  It's incredible!  It seems like every day he's got a new word and although it's sometimes frustrating to know that he's trying to tell me something I can't understand, more often than not it's incredibly gratifying to KNOW what he wants and be able to give it to him!  
  • More on language: For a long time both M and I were "Dada", but in the last month or so he's started using "Mama" on the regular and it's pretty damn awesome.  He can do a whole zoo's worth of animal sounds (although he doesn't actually know the words for a lot of them yet), on top of the basics like hi, bye bye, car, down, apple, go, hot, more, no, and all done.  Some words I don't even know he knows until he pulls them out of nowhere, like the day he pooped and then turned around and pointed at his own butt and declared "dih-tee"!  Or the day he pointed at my amethyst necklace and matter-of-factly stated "puh-ple".  He also has his own made-up word for water ("ati") which I'm glad I figured out since one of his newest obsessions is asking for water in an open cup.
  • Speaking of obsessions, Q is definitely fitting all the boy stereotypes.  He absolutely loves all things that go, including cars, trains ("coo coo!") and airplanes.  He has a pile of toy cars and the first thing he does in the morning after has something to eat is go grab a few and drive them around the coffee table.  Animals are also a big hit.  We took him to a petting zoo a couple of weekends ago and he took off at a dead run towards the miniature horses, alternately screaming at them with excitement and repeating "Hi! Hi! Hi!" at them.  
  • Q is still a VERY busy kid.  As in, that's the single most common adjective that absolutely everyone uses when describing him.  If we have a weekend where it rains the whole time and we can't get in at least a little bit of outdoor time, I know it's going to be a long weekend because he just gets bored inside despite all the different activities I try to engage him in.  He loves the playground, and is very adept at climbing up the stairs and going down slides.  He's even (cue minor heart attack) started trying to climb up some of the other features like ladders and rock walls, although obviously we're always close behind spotting him.
  • As much as he loves moving, he's also started to really enjoy books again.  He'll go pick one out and then kind of back into you so that he can sit on your lap and you can read to him.  Lately he's started cracking up when we read "Goodnight Gorilla" and get to the page where the zookeeper's wife turns on the light to find the gorilla in her bed.  I can't tell if he really understands that it's funny or if he's just reacting to how we read it, but it's hilarious.
All in all, I'm absolutely loving this age and how much fun we have together.  I know the terrible twos are soon to be upon us, but right now he still doesn't really get too upset if we stop him from doing something or tell him no as long as we can distract him with something fun, so I don't know how I'm going to handle it when tantrums start to become a factor.  He's just a good natured kid who loves being around people and brings a genuine smile to peoples' faces when they meet him.  I love that about him!

A quick update on my personal uterine situation: after my miscarriage in July, I basically bled for two solid months.  Some days it was barely spotting, and others it was heavier.  I kept hoping with each day that I was passing all the retained products, but with each weekly check they kept telling me I had HCG in my system and they could see a small area where it looked like I hadn't cleared everything out.  Unfortunately by that point the remnants were so small the doctors didn't recommend a D&C anymore, saying it was likely they'd miss it anyway.  They finally told me to just wait until I finally had a period, which was good because I was getting really fucking sick of taking time off work to go to the clinic every week for follow-ups.  Finally in September I had a GIGANTOR period (I seriously leaked through my grey pants at work, despite wearing a tampon AND heavy pad.  Horrors!) and after that went back for a final follow-up where they at long last told me everything was gone.  I haven't had a period since, and it's been about 6 weeks but I'm pretty sure I ovulated about 2 weeks ago so it should be any day now.  We won't even think about going back to Prague for an FET until I've regulated a bit more so right now that doesn't seem like it will happen until the spring.

Finally, since you may be wondering why there are no pics to accompany this update, I've decided that the time has come to stop posting Q's photo on the blog for his own privacy.  I do update Facebook once in a while, so if you're not already friends with me on there then please send me an email and we can set that up. 


  1. Isn't the talking development awesome! It's like we can finally hear their perspective. Glad you are having fun. We're at two now and no tantrums or terrible twos really......I know it could change but also hopeful that not all toddlers turn into terrors lol!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. It's like we're raising twins from afar. G has been going through a major language explosion the last month or so too. AND he suddenly loves books (bok). AND his most common adjective is busy. I feel you mama. I know you're tired and I know you're waiting for the day he climbs something in the split second you weren't watching and falls to a legit injury instead of just another bruise on the head, black eye, or scraped knee. But gosh, they sure keep life interesting. Glad to hear you and your boy are doing well!

  3. The starting-to-talk phase sounds very cute! So great that Q loves being outdoors and reading, imagine it must be fun, though sounds like he keeps you busy! Sorry to hear about the long miscarriage and all that involved... That sounded very awkward at work!

  4. So glad you updated! I'm glad you are really loving the busy-ness and chatty-ness of this stage...it's SO fun! Q sounds just adorable.
    I am very sorry you had the period from hell at work...ugh. That's awful and I really feel for you.

  5. Wow, Q has grown so much! I remember the 18 month stage and all that came with it. All before they decided they had opinions too. ;)

    Very glad to hear from you. Yuck about the 2 months of bleeding. May the new year bring many good things.

  6. Q sounds adorable and when they start to talk is a pretty awesome stage (bonus points if you can figure out what they are talking about)!

    I'm sorry about the two month bleed. That's terrible. Hopefully your body regulates soon!

  7. I read this a long time ago, but it was on my phone so I couldn't comment. I love how little Q is growing up. He is sooo much like J! Both talkers, both very much "boys" (J is obsessed with "vroom vrooms"--cars, trucks, dump trucks, scoops--the bigger and louder the better!)

    This is also hilarious because we have "Goodnight Gorilla" and every time we get to the page that's all black with just the eyes, Jack gasps. I think it's probably how we've read it to him before, but it's so funny because it's like he understands what's happening.

    Bobby and I say all the time that it's crazy how much of a "real person" he's becoming. Where did those tiny babies go?!

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