Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Deep thoughts, road trip style

It's been too damn depressing around here of late.  By way of apology, I offer you the following.

It's an 11-ish hour drive from Toronto to Maine, depending on how long you get stuck at the border crossing.  In order to alleviate our boredom, M prepared a playlist of music which included a huge compilation of '90s dance hits.  We rocked out to everything from 2Unlimited to Ace of Base to Technotronic, and were disturbed by the fact that we could remember being old enough to be in nightclubs when some of the songs were popular.

At one point, Young MC's Bust a Move came on.  I white-girl rapped along, tapping on the steering wheel, until I got to this verse:

Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry
In five days from now, he's gonna marry
He's hoping you can make it there if you can
'Cause in the ceremony you'll be the best man

I paused.  It was like I was hearing this lyric for the first time.  Or at least it was the first time that I'd paid any attention to it.  I pondered aloud:

"If Young MC is best friends with Harry, why is he the best man in Larry's wedding?  I mean, doesn't Larry have any other friends?  Or what about Harry?  Why isn't Harry the best man?  He's Larry's brother."

M looked up from his magazine and pondered a moment.  "Maybe Young MC is friends with Larry too."

"Nope,"  I declared.  "Larry should still pick his brother Harry.  Think of all the weddings we've been to.  If the bride or groom had a sister or brother, that person is always the maid of honour or the best man.  That's just how it's done.  So what happened between Harry and Larry that Harry isn't Larry's best man?"

M nodded sagely.  "I bet Harry and Larry had a falling out.  There's probably a good story there.  Too bad Young MC's career fizzled before he had a chance to tell it."  Then he went back to his magazine.

Damn you, Young MC.  You've left us with more questions than answers.


  1. Ha! Sounds like some road trip!

  2. HAHA! It took me a little while to get all the relationships and names straight. :D

  3. This sounds like great fun.. I hope there was some Tone Loc on there?? Wild thing..

  4. Damn you! I'm never going to sleep tonight, wondering about Harry and Larry! ;)

  5. I will never think of that song the same way again.

  6. My husbands brother did not pick him to be his best man. They have always got along. I found that strange.

  7. I attended a wedding where the groom had two brothers and couldn't chose which one to be the best man without hurting the other's feelings, so he went with his sister as the "best Woman" still kept it in the family though.

  8. Ha, ha. This is hysterical. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  9. Who knew 90's hip-hop was so layered?

  10. HAHAHA... omg, I know ALL the lyrics to that song by heart and I've never clued into that! I just go straight into the next verse, "You say neato, check your libido, and roll to the church in your new tuxedo..." etc. Man, have you Googled this? I feel like there must be an explanation somewhere. Poor Harry.

    Fingers crossed your FSH is all good and you're ready to start IVF Cycle of Low Expectations... honestly, it's always the cycle where you've given up that seems to produce the best results (not that I'm pressuring you to believe in this craziness, but you know).

  11. I've actually been to two weddings where the sister is not the maid of honor. Wait, three, because I was not maid of honor for my own sister! In all cases, the sister was a bridesmaid, just not the MOH. And my sister later became an egg donor for me, so it's not like we aren't close. I absolutely live this conversation though! We have to entertain ourselves somehow on long road trips!

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