Monday, 14 December 2015

The bitch is back

I got my period back.

You said it, Yeezy.

Seriously??   I read so many blogs from women parenting after infertility, and most of you guys are still going period-free up to a year after having your babies.  Some of you are wondering when it's coming back so that you can start trying for number two.  And here all I wanted was for it to stay away until I stop breastfeeding, which is probably going to be around the one year point when I head back to work. 

Nope.  Asshole uterus.

In hindsight, the signs were obvious.  I briefly had some EWCM, followed by copious amounts of thick creamy CM that should have alerted me that something was up.  But my body had faked me out a few months earlier with similar signs, and nothing actually happened.  This time around though, it was the real deal.  Q has been stuffing his gob with solids lately and has been increasingly disinterested in breastfeeding despite my best efforts, so I suppose it was to be expected.


It wasn't much of a period, mind you.  Some sludgy brown spotting followed by a day of super light flow, none of it requiring much more than some light tampons and panty liners.  And who knows, I might not get it again for a few months.  But it was enough to trigger some weird feelings that threw me for a bit of a loop.

At first I had the inevitable thought: oh maybe this means we should start taking birth control precautions.  This was followed by the equally inevitable HAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE INFERTILE YOU IDIOT YOU NEEDED AN EGG DONOR reminder.  And yeah yeah yeah, I know what you're going to say next.  In case you've been living under a rock, it seems like every infertile in the blogosphere has been finding themselves oopspregnant lately.  (No hate: I'm seriously very happy for you guys.)

I guess theoretically it could happen to me.  I mean, if I wasn't too tired to have sex, that is.  I still have some eggs, and there might be a decent one in the bunch.  Thing is, though...I'm pretty sure I don't want it to.  One of the things that I'm probably hyper-conscious about having an egg donor baby is making sure that he doesn't feel different in any way, or any less part of our family.  I think I'm probably irrationally afraid that if we got oopspregnant, Q would at some point feel like he's somehow less than the new baby.  Less important, less wanted, less my child.  And I never want those thoughts to ever cross his mind.  Plus I kind of like the thought of him having a full sibling from one of our four frozen embryos in the Czech Republic.  In the event he ever does feel different from a non-DE kid, he'd have someone to talk about it with.  And vice versa.  So while part of me would love to join the unicorn club, I'm pretty sure that if/when we do talk about having another baby, I'd rather it be with our totsicles as opposed to my dodgy eggs.

That said, the return of my period also brought that familiar anxiety, disappointment and sadness that I felt every time I saw blood on the toilet paper over the past couple of years.  Which is totally strange, as I don't want to be pregnant right now at all.  We're not ready for another baby for a whole bunch of reasons.  I wonder if it's not a bit of a conditioned response.  Like Pavlov's dog, I've learned that the arrival of my period means yet another failure of my body to make a baby.  Yet another month with promise unfulfilled.  Yet another month that I need to be sad.

Except it doesn't mean that anymore.  At least it shouldn't.  I wonder if I'll ever get to the point where the arrival of my period just means that it's time to go to the drugstore.


  1. Honestly, I struggle with those feelings too. And we are done with family building. I think you're right about being conditioned and the reminders. We've been through too much. Just know it's okay to be sad (blame the hormones if needed). And I think with time, it does get better.

  2. My period came back after only 5 months and I was like HUH? Well this sucks. And that was before Izzy started eating any solid food and was solely interested in boobage.

    It's hard to change your thinking when the arrival of a period has equaled failure/sadness/etc. for so long.

  3. Oh it's totally a Pavlov's dog kind of thing. We are kind of trying now that my period has returned, but the sight of blood on the toilet paper brings a completely irrational sense of sadness and loss. I'm not sure it's possible to be ok with a period after infertility, whether you want a baby or not!

  4. My period didn't return after I stopped breastfeeding at one year. No surprise, I'm one of those that didn't get her period for over 4 months after going off the pill a zillion years ago. I initiated a period with birth control pills before starting my next IVF cycle and wouldn't you know, it made my crazy head feel all fertile and shite even though I made it happen with chemical hormones. We're all nutbags.

  5. These same thoughts crossed my mind as well. I was surprised to see my period return after only 4 months and I'm EBF. Plus I have PCOS so it was even more of a shocker.

  6. Mine came back at around the 6 month mark too. I recognize the weird feelings. Hopefully whatever you decide things will be routine again.

  7. My boys were in the NICU, so I was pumping religiously every three hours around the clock. Exactly 28 days after birthing twins, AF showed up. I was awesome. Not.

  8. We're completely done with family building because we're both so old and tired, but I STILL feel that sense of sadness and disappointment when AF arrives. It makes no sense, but I guess we're conditioned by our experiences.

    P.S. I love that picture of Q!

  9. Lucky duck! I got mine like 2-3 months ago. Sucks. You get the shitty part of being a woman without the benefit of being able to conceive a child. It's wrong! Our periods should just stop.

  10. Yup. Mine came back around 5/6ish months pp. And bonus, it's now an exactly 28-day regular cycle. Which I have never, ever had before. My uterus loves being a perfectly fertile asshole while I have absolutely no interest in getting pregnant. And you're totally right, I'm still disappointed every month. Like, I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BABY RIGHT NOW, but I'm somehow still sad. Also, our current birth control method is working quite nicely. We're using the too-tired-for-sex-let's-nap-instead method.

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