Thursday, 4 April 2013

Questionable expertise

Last week I received an email from Michael Weinberg, the "Founder and CEO" of a company called Wizpert.  Apparently, Wizpert bills itself as a sort of online help desk for everything.  They find bloggers to act as "experts" in various topics, and then people seeking advice on those topics can contact the bloggers for help.  The bloggers are paid (some nominal fee, I'm sure) and Wizpert of course takes its cut as well.  You can read more about it here if you're interested.

Why me, you ask?  I was curious as well.  I mean, I have certainly educated myself quite a bit about infertility and assisted reproductive technologies in the past year or so, but have I really reached "expert" status so quickly?  Let's see...

Hi Aramis,
I was reading your blog and thought that your knowledge would be of great value to our users, who pay our experts a premium for advice.
Our platform, called Wizpert, is a fast growing community of experts, where users seek advice and coaching on an array of topics, such as caring for and training pets (dogs, birds, birds, etc.).

Wow.  They must need bird experts pretty badly.  I mean, they wrote it twice.  Plus, if the best bird expert they can find is a blogger who wrote one post about how much she hated her husband's adopted cockatiel, the market for bird experts must be pretty slim pickings.  That, or Wizpert is using a spectacularly shitty search program to troll through blogs to find their "experts".  I chalked it up to the latter, ignored the email and left it at that.

That was before my BFN.  This was today.  

Hi Aramis,
Just wanted to follow up on my note (below) — have you had a chance to take a look?
As explained, after reading your blog, I think you would be a great fit as a wizpert and would love to have you join our community.
To create a free account go to
Please contact me personally with any questions.
All the best,

Don't mess with a bitch after a BFN, Michael. 

Dear Michael,
I'm pretty confident in saying that you haven't actually read my blog.  If you had, you would have seen right away that it is a blog about infertility, not pets.  If one post about my pet cockatiel makes me an expert in pets, then I feel sorry for anyone using Wizpert.  I would suggest improving your screening technique when searching for your "experts", and then actually reading their blogs before approaching them.  I'm not interested.

I got a bounceback reply thanking me for my interest in joining Wizpert.


  1. Oh Aramis, I know this is not the feedback you want, but it's always flattering to be in demand, and although it was just one post, your post about Leon was quite informational -none of us knew about the masturbation habits of birds! Seriously, though I loved your dismissal response to him. I know you were expecting it, but I'm still sorry to hear about the BFN. Your story is not done yet, you're too awesome not to share it with your child!

  2. Oh my goodness- that's an unbelievable story!!!

  3. First of all, (although this is not the point)we really did enjoy your post about Leon, I was in stitches! But you are right, I feel bad for the people who actually pay Wizpert money for advice from their experts, when the company hasn't done so much as even READ the blog to know what they are selling.

  4. I really enjoyed your reply... too bad they obviously didn't read it. Such a waste.

  5. Oh wow... that is the best possible response you could have sent. That dude needs a serious smack for basically spamming you with bird-related crap, and clearly this is the WORST business model ever if they can't even afford the time/money to actually read people's blogs. Double face-palm indeed.

  6. That was a great response. I hope someone actually read it. Also, I know we are all ridiculously over-informed on all things infertility but we still aren't doctors. We just know how to use google. I mean, do people actually want to pay for advice from bloggers? That's a weird service they are providing.

  7. That was an awesome response, but I'm pretty sure it was sadly immediately deleted and the company went trolling for more bird "experts." Here's hoping Wizpert doesn't take off because then we will all know to stay clear of the website!

  8. Oh my GOSH. Love your response!

  9. I'm so disappointed that they won't ever get the pleasure of reading your response! It was perfect. I find it really lame that he contacted you again after no response, only to to find out now that he won't even actually read what your response was!! Double facepalm is right! lol

  10. love the double facepalm! perfect fit for this disaster!

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