Monday, 3 June 2013

The return of the Pregnant RE

Today I had my endo biopsy for the Yale Endometrial Function Test (EFT).  In case anyone is counting, this is my fourth endo biopsy.  One for my cancelled IVF, one for my second IVF that was turned into an FET, one for the FET itself, and now one for the Yale test.  After my next one (sure to happen when we do another IVF), I'm going to inaugurate an endo biopsy version of the Five Timers Club.  We'll have smoking jackets and everything.

Today also marked the return of my original RE from maternity leave.  I haven't really mentioned this before, but since I've had my blog I've actually been under the care of a different RE at my clinic.  My original one had a baby and went off on mat leave just before our second IVF in December.  What was funny about it was that she didn't actually tell us she was pregnant.  We just showed up for a consult one day before our first IVF in September (a few months after our initial workups and testing) and all of a sudden she had a belly.  M actually noticed it first, and asked me if I thought she was pregnant.  Figures, I thought.  Might as well rub some salt in this wound. 

She didn't actually tell me she was pregnant until she was doing my IUI after my first IVF cycle was converted.  It was kind of touching, in a way.  She said that she hadn't mentioned it before since she figured I'd be pregnant before it became an issue.  But in the event that my IVF-turned-IUI didn't work (spoiler: it didn't!!), she would be off for a few months.  She would write up my new protocol and have it ready for me if we needed another IVF (spoiler: we did but that didn't work either!!).  Then she told me to send her a picture when we had our baby.  I guess it gave me quite a bit of hope, that she seemed so optimistic that I wouldn't be a patient anymore when she got back (spoiler: I am).

I haven't had any problems with our substitute RE (minus the clusterfuck of my FET protocol), but it was interesting to gauge the Formerly Pregnant RE's reaction today when I filled her in on our second cycle and its outcome.  I got the feeling that she thinks the Yale biopsy is a waste of time.  She didn't say as much, but while she agreed it would be nice to have an answer she said that in her view (and based on our 50% fertilization rate) it's probably more of an egg/sperm issue.  Regardless, it would be good to get any lining issues ruled out.  I honestly don't expect to be surprised and I figure my biopsy results will be fine, but I wonder if she would even have recommended the test if she'd been my RE at the time.

Anyway, no matter what the results are I have to say that I'm incredibly happy for one reason:  I no longer have to shove seven pills a day into my vagina!  This afternoon marked the first time in about a month that I didn't have to wear a panty liner to stop bluish-white pasty ooze from ruining my panties.  Oh, and full-bottomed panties?  Buh-bye!  I don't know about you girls, but I've never been brave enough to try those teeny tiny thong liners when there's medication seeping from my hoo-ha.  Hence I break out the granny panties whenever suppositories and pads/liners are involved.  As of tomorrow, I can bid farewell to VPL (visible panty line) and embrace the thongs again!  Or I could go commando!  The world of possibilities is endless!  Panty freedom forever!!

Better not do any lunges!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am on day 3 of suppositories and already sick of the full underwear with pads and leaking every single day. I can't imagine what it was like doing it 7 times a day, and blue at that. Props to you for sure!

    And oh Friends...those were the good ol days. What a fabulous episode with the clothes. :)

  2. Your FOURTH endo biopsy?! Ugh, I'm in pain just thinking about it. I've had two and honestly those biopsies have been the most physically painful part of infertility for me! Also- yay for no more suppositories!!

  3. Holy crap, 4 endo biopsies?!?!? I think you've already earned the smoking jacket.

    It's hard stuff having a RE that is pregnant. Granted, many of them are sensitive to how they'll affect their patients because of their physical appearance and are more than aware that they may need to reduce their patient load. Still, it's a hard thing to watch one's doctor go through something that you're working your ass off for.

    Yay for no more blue goo and granny panties!!

  4. I must admit, I ultimately chose my current RE because of the location and the fact that his office is preferred by my insurance, but I liked the fact that I would be seeing a male provider. I wouldn't ever have to hear about his ovulation, his conception or pregnancy issues. I don't think he's married and after he told me he liked the colour of the nail varnish on my toes, I'm not ever sure he's straight.

    Early in our process, I worried about how my patients might perceive my potential pregnancy. How it would be awkward for patients with an unplanned pregnancy seeking options counselling, or how harder it would be for a couple having a miscarriage to hear the news from some one who is pregnant. Yeah, not too much of a concern...

    Still it's hard when your journey is measured by someone's time table, such as her maternity leave. Hope you can pick up on the optimistic note she left on.

  5. Hurrah for the end of the suppositories! Embrace your panty freedom!!

  6. That's a lot of vagina pills! Congrats on not having to wear old lady panties all the time. Although, they can be pretty comfortable.
    My regular ob/gyn was (is?) pregnant. She's kind of bigger, so I didn't notice until she was far along. She didn't mention it, but it was very obvious. The last time I saw her she was referring me to the RE and saying she hopes to see me back when I'm in the second trimester. I think I accidentally glared at her. Thankfully, my RE is a male and not likely to get pregnant. He does have a happy family picture with his three kids in his office though.

  7. haha thank you so much or posting this picture! that episode makes me CRAZY but it is hilariuos!My RE also just showed up pregnant one day! She is 6 feet tall, so I guess I just couldnt tell for the first 7 minutes. Then, all of teh sudden she is on maternity leave. Funny thing is my mom saw it coming. After our first apt she suggested I switch to a man to prevent this. She was so right!

  8. Your poor uterus! That is too many biopsies.

    It must be complicated for female RE's who get pregnant. It would be very awkward I would imagine. I actually wanted a female at first and never even thought of this issue. I ended up with a male RE just because he had great ratings. Kinda glad I did now.

  9. Four biopsies is definitely too many! I suffered through 2 and it was horrible. I hope it gives you some answers moving forward though. The things we are willing to put our bodies through for the possibility of answers is amazing. Your persistence will pay off in the end though.

  10. I am probably inappropriately excited on your behalf for your new found freedom to go commando! Although, I do love me some comfy granny panties, VPLs and all.

    I hope this most recent biopsy gives you some answers, or at least some peace of mind, for all the pain you've now had to endure FOUR times!

  11. Yay for no more suppositories, I'm sure your husband is just as excited as you are! ;)

    It really sucks that you have been a patient much longer than you'd hoped/expected but at least your RE sounds nice, and that's always a good thing. I really hope that this is your last biopsy and that soon you will get some answers.

  12. A smoking jacket AND the privilege of being in a club with you?!? It's almost enough to make a girl WANT to do five endo biopsies...

    On second thought, no. It's not.

    Here's hoping this was your last endo biopsy...and that your REs optimism pays off!

  13. Yay! Glad you're done with the suppositories. I have to ask because I've never had an endo biopsy. Why so many? What are they testing for?

  14. Dr. G is back! I always liked her when she did my IUIs... except for that one time when she said "Well, I'm going to inject this sample because you're here and everything, but..." implying that it was so shitty, it was basically a waste of time. Interesting that she wasn't too excited about the Yale test. It probably will be fine, but I still think it's better that you do as many tests as possible right now. If they can't find anything conclusive re: egg and/or sperm, then I hope they start pursuing immunology stuff or something. ANYTHING! We want ANSWERS!

  15. My RE was gone on maternity for awhile last summer. I never even knew she was pregnant until I was told she was on leave! We took the summer off last year anyway so it turned out not to be a big deal.

    Yay for no more smurfy hoo ha! I did the vaginal blue pill only twice a day. I can't imagine 7! Seven!!!?!? Oh Em Gee that is a lot. Congrats for finally bidding those good bye!

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