Monday, 3 December 2012

The Royal We

My husband (let's call him M) and I got married the day after Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This was the subject of much joking at the time, as we had been engaged for over a year and they kind of swooped in and one-upped us with their date announcement.  Anytime anyone asked us when we were getting married, the inevitable reaction was "Oh, that's the day after the royal wedding!"  To which the only reasonable response was, "I know, right?  Like, OMG.  Wills and Katie are totes uninvited to ours now.  She's all like, his grandma is paying so they have to do it when she says, but I'm like, whatevs, you're just jealous that my boyfriend has more hair than yours.  She's so insecure.  And don't even talk to me about those backstabby Beckhams.  They've made their choice.  Unfriend!!"

Of course in reality I actually felt kind of sorry for Kate.  As much as planning a wedding is a pain in the ass, she pretty much had no say over hers whatsoever (OK, except for her dress, which was pretty freaking awesome).  And the whole world immediately started speculating about when she'd be getting preggers.  No pressure!

I'm not much of a royal watcher, but once M and I realized that we were having fertility issues, I also started noticing that Will and Kate weren't pregnant either.  Again, I kind of felt sorry for them...for all anyone knew, they were having fertility problems too, and the whole world was watching.  Our/their one year anniversary came and went, and still no baby announcements from either of us.  From my end, it was even kind of comforting to think that maybe this rich and powerful couple was, at the heart of it, undergoing the same stresses and disappointments that we were.  I felt a weird (and totally irrational) kind of kinship with this (in my mind) fellow infertile couple.  At one point M, who cares even less about the royals than I do, mused aloud about whether they were having fertility issues.  He seemed to think the royal conglomerate would have had all parties (read: the commoner Kate) fully tested before agreeing to let her wed the heir to the throne, but I can't imagine that anyone would go through with a wedding where the proposal was followed shortly thereafter by, "Now, hike up your skirt, Her Majesty just wants us to poke this wand into your ladybits to make sure they're working.  For Queen and country!  Huzzah!"

Anyway, today Will and Kate finally announced that they are expecting.  One year and seven months after the wedding, they are pregnant and we are still not.  I'll probably never know whether my imagined infertile sisterhood with Kate had any basis in reality, or whether they just decided to wait a bit for the craziness of their first year of marriage to die down before they started trying.  While I'd never in a million years wish infertility on anyone, I think I'm perversely kind of disappointed that they've conceived.  I mean, pretty much all of our real life friends have passed us by on the having kids front, but we still had Will and Kate. Until now.

Whatevs.  My husband still has more hair than hers.


  1. Ha! Nice slam.

    The hardest part is when you have milestones to gauge your own infertility by. Unfortunately they stack up and up as time goes on. Whatever, your blog is way cooler than hers.

  2. Funny, I have often wondered the same thing about the royal couple. However, I couldn't have even told you when there wedding was. What a crazy thing that you will ALWAYS know when their anniversary is and how long they've been married.

  3. We got married the day after the Prince and Kate too! We got married on the same day as you guys! :) Yeah I kinda have been watching for their announcements too since they got married just before we did.


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