Wednesday, 6 March 2013

And the verdict is...

It's on like Donkey Kong!  I started Estrace this afternoon.  Yay little blue pills!

That's not to say that today's visit to the clinic wasn't totally and completely frustrating in a bunch of other ways, all of which likely stem from the initial clusterfuck yesterday.  Let's go through the various screw ups and annoyances, shall we?

- My bloods requisition was wrong.  It only asked for HCG, not any of the normal CD3 bloods.  Lab tech: "We need to get a nurse to fix it."  Me (inside voice):  Really?  You can't figure out what they want on CD3?  Even though you do CD3 bloodwork about a hundred times per day?  Allow me to fill you in.  It's estrogen, FSH, LH and progesterone.  Now take my damn blood.  Me (outside voice):  "Sure, I'll wait."

- When checking my health card (which is done once at the start of each cycle), the lab tech looks accusingly at me and states "Your health card expires at the end of the month".  Me (inside voice):  Is it valid right now?  Yes?  Awesome.  I fail to see the issue here.  Me (outside voice):  "I know.  I'll be renewing it this month."

- Upon entering the ultrasound room, the u/s tech asks me to confirm that my bladder is empty.  Me (inside voice):  No, it's not, because I was told yesterday I would be having a full bladder ultrasound so I guzzled a litre of water at 6am this morning like a good patient.  Don't worry, I'm glad I did it anyway.  Look how hydrated I am!!  Me (outside voice): "No, there must have been a miscommunication in my instructions yesterday.  I'll go pee and be right back.  Sorry about that." (Yes, apologizing when you haven't done anything wrong is very Canadian of me.)

- Upon going to get my Estrace, I inform the pharmacist that my clinic has called in a prescription for me yesterday.  It is not ready.  The pharmacist looks in her computer and seems to find something, but then asks me how much of it I am supposed to take.  Me (inside voice):  Wow, I get to prescribe my own drugs now?  Cool!  I'll take a whole bunch of something with high street value, please.  I have to fund these infertility treatments somehow!  Me (outside voice):  "They told me 2 tablets, 3 times per day.  Yes, I can wait ten minutes."  Me (inside voice):  Bet I can count pills faster than you!

(Yeah, my internal voice is a total bitch.  And yes, I get that these people are all just doing their jobs and none of this is their fault, which is why I use the external voice instead.) 

Apparently my uterus decided that the world was giving me enough shit for one day and it was going to cooperate for a change.  To go ahead with the Estrace I needed no cysts (check!), a thin lining (check!) and estrogen below 200 (about 50 US).  That last part is what I was worried about, as my estrogen is normally around 400 by CD3.  I really, really figured I was in for some BCP and Lupron.  But my estrogen came back at a stunningly svelte 140, so I am good to go!

So friends, what do you think?  Do I take all these preliminary screwups as a sign from the universe that this cycle is going to be a bust and I should never have started it at all?  Or do I view it as a sign that no matter what the odds, this FET was destined to be?  Ah, who am I kidding, I don't believe in signs.  Or destiny.  I'm just happy to be moving forward and have decided to keep my stress levels down by holding off on chewing out my RE until the cycle is over.  Thanks to everyone for the support and righteous indignation yesterday, it really helped!


  1. My successful (so far) cycle was the biggest disaster in so many ways. We drove off the road in the snow one morning, got a speeding ticket, went to the wrong doctor's office one visit and then were 2 hours late, my blood pressure crashed big time after retrieval, we had a bunch of empty follicles, etc. it all worked out in the end though. Someone else once said the craziest cycles are the ones that work out. I really hope this FET is a success for you.

  2. Good thing those boneheads have nothing at all to do with this transfer! It sounds like, body-wise, you're actually off to a fantastic start!

  3. I think you should let your inner voice come out to play -she's totally badass! BTW, I know my super particular RE prefers an empty bladder for the ultrasound, but I arrive ready to burst at every visit, because I know the ONE time I have an empty bladder, he'll want it full. I think the Universe is just throwing some rough waters your way, but sounds like you sailed through it!

  4. Dealing with IF is frustrating enough to have to deal with any other annoyances associated with it!! I'm glad you're on your way to your FET, though!!

  5. Hurray! Some forward motion! And, no, your inner voice is not a total bitch. It's a reasonable responder to annoyances. Especially when you are at the end of your IF rope following that clusterfuck initiated by your lab and RE yesterday. Get your shit together, people!

  6. How frustrating. Yes, it's their jobs, but that should mean they know what the hell they are doing!! You take 2 Estrace 3 times/day? I only took one pill 3 times/day. Interesting how different protocols can be. Regardless, I wish you the very best!! This cycle is not doomed to failure. As me ruined by others, sometimes the worst cycles end up with the best results!

  7. "(Yeah, my internal voice is a total bitch. And yes, I get that these people are all just doing their jobs and none of this is their fault, which is why I use the external voice instead.)"

    Mine, too!! Good on you for using your external voice wisely. :-)

    Happy for you to get started! Woo!

  8. Your inside voice sounds like a cool chick. I agree with jAllen that you should let her out to play more often. :)

  9. Yayyy! Oh, this is the best possible result... and as to signs, I was totally doing that too, but don't let that throw you off. The night before my transfer, I suddenly had brutal stomach pains, to the point where I could barely move or breathe without being in extreme pain, and I was seriously thinking, "The universe doesn't want me to transfer tomorrow" and I almost called the whole thing off. Thank god I didn't! :)

  10. I'm glad that you are right where you want to be in your cycle, and that you are moving forward. I really felt like I was the only one who got irritated by my clinic until I started reading about other blogger's experiences. As much as it sucks that our clinics do stuff like this, I'm glad I am not the only one.

    I am looking forward to reading about the rest of your cycle :)

    p.s. I forgot you were Canadian, me too!

  11. I would be more worried if everything was going along perfectly. That's just not realistic! You're getting your frustration and torment out of the way early for this cycle.

  12. Woohoo! Kudos to your body for cooperating! I would take that as a good sign more than any of that other crap.

  13. I thought I commented on this post already! oops!! Sometimes I read blogs at work and then I get distracted and forget to comment!

    It really amazes me how often clinics can be rude to their patients and/or do things to irritate us. I'm glad I'm not the only one who leaves my clinic shaking my head some days...

    I'm glad things are off to a good start for you, and I can't wait to read your updates as your cycle progresses!


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