Saturday, 16 March 2013

Happy to be wrong

Thanks to everyone for all the comments after my last freakout.  I didn't end up speaking to my RE because I knew they'd just tell me to wait until Saturday.  Happily, as of this morning all my eggs are still tucked in tight and I'm still a go for this FET cycle.  I start Crinone tomorrow (which we have already dubbed "my cooch hooch" since I am shoving it up in me like some sort of weird body-packing smuggler) and my transfer is scheduled for Friday.

My mom is also scheduled to arrive Friday, so she'll be here to take care of me and keep me entertained (and pass judgment my lack of cleaning skills around the house) while I'm on bedrest for a few days.  The only thing that will really suck will be if our lone little embryo doesn't survive the thaw.  Then I'll be a crying snotty mess, but then again I guess who better to be a crying snotty mess around than your mom, even if she has to take a three-hour flight to witness it?

In other news, one totally non-pregnancy related reason that I'm looking forward to my FET is to get a break from my workout schedule.  I've talked a couple of times on here about setting myself a New Year's resolution to focus on a healthier (non-diet) lifestyle, and I was miraculously able to stick to it during our Mexico vacation.  I'm happy to report that I'm still sticking with it.  I've been working out a solid five days a week whenever my schedule allows, and at the start of March I decided to step things up a notch and switch from my $5 Kijiji-purchased Turbo Jam videos (which are a lot of fun and great cardio) to something a bit more focused on muscle building.  I decided to try Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, which is available for free on YouTube.  I always thought she looked pretty bad-ass on The Biggest Loser so I figured it'd be an intense workout.

You guys.  I hate this workout.  I hate it with the burning fire of a thousand suns.

Of course I hate it for all the right reasons.  It's hard.  It hurts.  I make horrible, terrible noises while doing it.  I look like shit afterwards.  My muscles jiggle like Jell-O and I kind of feel like I want to puke.  And I'm only ten days in.  After ten days at Level 1, you move to Level 2.  That's Monday.  I am so not ready for Monday.  Plus my right hip hurts.  As in, legit hurts.  I think I've kind of tweaked my hip flexor from too many lunges and stretching it out doesn't really help.

Obviously, I'm a whiny bitch.  And I know how Jillian would react.

But at least being PUPO will give me a non-whiny bitch excuse for taking a little break mid-Level 2.  Should I not get knocked up, I am totally planning on finishing it.  But if I do get pregnant, it would be all the sweeter because I wouldn't have to spend 30 minutes with this psycho every day anymore.  Just sayin', embryo.  Hint, hint.


  1. Fantastic news!! Fingers are crossed for this cycle. And don't let Jillian beat you up too badly.

  2. A friend of mine produced a bed rest fitness video, so you could continue exercising post transfer, but it sounds like you deserve a rest! So happy no escape ovulation occurred. EWCM can be so deceptive !

  3. I was just telling a friend how nice it is being super-early stage pregnant and totally not allowed to work out. I don't have to justify my lazy ass to anyone, and yeah, it's really nice. My drink of poison was Insanity, which lives up to the name. The worst part of all was that it didn't really "work" or leave me with awesome before and after pictures like they promised it would.

    Best of luck on your transfer and I hope you get a mandatory break, too.

  4. Praying for a reason to have to quit working out!! Glad things are on track. xo

  5. You have been doing awesome keeping up with your New Year's resolutions! Now let's just hope for that excuse of taking a break :) I'm so glad you will have your mom there during this time. Nothing like a mother's love to both comfort and annoy the hell out of you. Lol I'm just kidding if course. I hope you really do get to enjoy her visit, despite you being on bed rest. Good luck!!!!

  6. (Argh, Blogger ate my comment like 3 times!!!)

    If it makes you feel any better about the workout videos, Jillian Michaels is infertile - bad endo, from what she says. Maybe that makes the routine a little more palatable?

    Also, I have in fact strained my hip flexor in the past. I put a bag of ice in my lap and announced that I was frigid. (No really, I did. I was in college, it was a track and field injury, and I totally got some laughs.)

  7. I have that video, too, and it kicks my BUTT.

    Glad everything is still on track!

  8. LOL the 30 day shred is awesome. I have a serious love/hate relationship with that DVD.

    Here's hoping your FET works and you can shelve the video until 2014!

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